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Ralph and Helen Rand
would like to invite everyone to their ranch located in Dolph, Arkansas
to Celebrate 44 Years of Rodeo
Since 1969!!!
August 24, 2013
They will be hosting the Annual 
Old Timers Rodeo

The Rand Family!

It's a Rodeo Thing.....

Dolph Old Timers Winners!!

for pics, go to....


(See how it all began)
The day starts at sunrise with a traditional cattle drive from the back 40.  You will be dealing with some of the meanest momma cows known to man.  If you plan to attend the cattle be sure to bring a fast, sure footed horse to assist you, as these cows are only driven out of the woods once a year and they aren't happy campers when they leave their habitat.  The horn span on some of the cows is over 4 foot, and they know very well how to use them.  As usual, the ranch will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries that happen on "Old Timers Day".

About mid-day, the fun starts!! If all goes to plan our mean old orney cows will be trapped in the arena.  At that time, anyone brave and fast on foot will be allowed to help worm, vaccinate, brand, and wean calves from these old critters.  You don't have to have a horse to participate but a pair of fast tennis shoes will help, because in your wildest dreams you can not imagine how a wild cow acts when she has had her baby taken away.

In the afternoon, around 5, we take a little break and eat some vittles of BBQ or Catfish and all the fixins. After a hard days work, the food's mighty tasty.

As soon as we gets our bellies full (around 7:00) we are going to head right back to the arena were all them old cows are.  We have spent all day pissing them cows off and now, we gonna rope, ride, and milk them suckers.  DON"T BELIEVE ME, LOOK AT THE PICTURES BELOW.

If'n yous wondering why some of these folks look so old, well it wuzin
the cattle drive that did it.  It is because you have to be over 40 years to compete in the Rodeo.

No good Cowboy day would be complete with a good ole hoedown and so bout 10:00 we start kicking up our heels.  We visit with people we hain't seen in a long time and pretty much do whatever comes natural.

Did I mention we had beans fer supper???

Well, mark yur calendar now, cuz you sure don't want to miss this years Old Timers Rodeo. If you need more info jes give us a call 870-404-4174 or 870-297-2232.